Old picture of glanbia ireland employees infront of avonmore milk truck

Glanbia Ireland Heritage

At Glanbia Ireland, we have a long, rich heritage that runs all the way back to the early 1900s when groups of Irish farm families worked together to create the Irish Co-operative movement. Their aim was simple - to deliver a brighter future for their communities in the south east of the country by adding value to their farm produce.

Where it all started

Today’s world-class, ambitious food and nutrition business is the fruits of over 100 years of hard work, courage and foresight shown by our farmers who provided the foundation stones in their network of creameries. As the new century dawned, farmers were still setting up co-operatives to great success. One thing that remains steadfast is the wealth of experience and commitment passed down through the generations to today’s farmers.

Glanbia Ireland in 1900's


In Ballyragget, Co. Kilkenny in 1966 a group of dairy farmers came together one day on the start of a journey towards what has since become Ireland’s #1 milk brand. The Avonmore Creameries Federation was founded in 1966 when 36 smaller co-ops joined forces to form what we now know as Avonmore. The aim was to deliver the finest quality, freshest products without compromise. In the neighbouring county, Waterford Co-op was continuing its phenomenal expansion with the takeover of the Snowcream liquid milk operation. It followed hot on the heels of Waterford’s acquisition of Castlelyons Co-op in East Cork in 1972.

Waterford Truck

Avonmore Fresh Milk

Just like today, they embraced the latest modern technology at every step. The newly formed company established their own brand new milk processing facility in Ballyragget, close to the Avon River from which Avonmore took its name. Their vision for the future shone brightly and the first Irish milk brand, Avonmore Fresh Milk, was launched on 1 June, 1981. Today Avonmore is the market leader in Ireland.

Avonmore milk carton from 1981


An opportunity was grasped when the possibility of the lifting of EU milk quotas was first on the horizon in 2008. The team saw an opportunity for the expansion of the Irish dairy industry. In 2012, Glanbia Ingredients Ireland was born from Glanbia’s Irish ingredients division with a clear view to maximising the future opportunities for dairy in Ireland.

Hertiage 2012

Glanbia Ireland

To this day, Glanbia Ireland remains true to its roots. Our farmers maintain majority ownership at 60% through Glanbia Co-op and 40% is owned by Glanbia plc.  Established in July 2017, Glanbia Ireland harnesses the expertise and wide portfolios of Glanbia Ingredients Ireland, Glanbia Consumer Products and Glanbia Agribusiness.

Glanbia Ireland owns leading consumer and agri brands such as Avonmore, Kilmeaden Cheese, Premier Milk, Wexford, mymilkman.ie and GAIN Animal Nutrition.

Hertiage 2017



Ireland’s leading agribusiness serving our local communities through our network of 52 retail branches and modern production facilities.


Our products have been enjoyed in homes for over half a century and we believe that only the best quality and distinct fresh taste is good enough for our customers.


We have proven capability when it comes to delivering uncompromising quality and traceability at every step along our supply chain.