Our Story

At Glanbia Ireland we have harnessed generations of expertise honed on family farms to deliver quality without compromise. As a business we pride ourselves in ensuring high quality produce from 6,000 family farms is at the heart of everything we do. Our top-class dairy and grains form the basis of a range of solutions and ingredients, as well as branded products, which are enjoyed in over 100 countries. We are deeply invested in our communities and our people, as the business has at its core a farmer owned co-operative structure.

Avonmore milk truck and staff in 1973

Our Heritage

Ireland’s rich soil and temperate climate give it luscious, green pasturelands where dairy farming has found a bountiful home for thousands of years. Glanbia Ireland is rooted in the family farms that emerged on these pasturelands. Down through the generations these families passed on a tradition of excellence in food production and co-operation that we carry with us to this day. Our business today ensures our people and our land are always at its core.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

At Glanbia Ireland we believe that by keeping true to our values, we will form relationships that stand the test of time. Our people are passionate about delivering the highest quality, finest products without compromise. At every step, we seek to nurture the finest produce that nature has brought us.

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