Working Together for our Future

At Glanbia Ireland, we are committed to sustainability at every step of the journey – from the fields of our farmer suppliers to the consumer’s table. Our location on the edge of the Atlantic ensures we have a moderate maritime climate, abundant rainfall, fertile soils, rich eco-systems and a network of family farmers working to nurture the land. Our grass-based farming system where our cows graze outdoors for most of the year gives us a natural advantage. 

We have developed a structure that offers unrivalled traceability with full world-class food supply chain control, as our farmer suppliers lie at the heart of our business as owners.  Our long heritage in family farming, and our co-operative roots, provide clear foundation stones for sustainability. We want to enrich all of the communities that we serve – our farmers, our customers and our consumers.

Working for You

From our farms to our state-of-the-art facilities, we strive to remain close to nature. We work to empower consumers to embrace a sustainable and nutritious diet as part of their lifestyle. 

Our grass-fed cows

When it comes to our herds, our cows spend most of the year outside grazing on acres of rich and plentiful grass. Due to our temperate climate with abundant rainfall, in winter they move inside and enjoy a diet of grass ensiled from the fields during summer.